Heart no Longer Mine (2010 )
for solo guitar (part of "Balkan Songbook")
duration: 7'

Commissioned by the Sarajevo International Guitar Festival

First Performance: Alan Thomas, 2010 Sarajevo International Guitar Festival

Free download of the score PDF version from my Gumroad shop page

Programme Note

Part of my ongoing Balkan Songbook project of music for flute and guitar, Heart no Longer Mine is a solo guitar fantasy on the Bosnian song “Ah, sto cemo ljubav kriti". After an initial statement of the melody of this beautiful song, the remainder of the piece treats the theme in a more abstracted way. In doing so, more emphasis is given to exploiting the sonic resources of the instrument, including harmonic "echoes", chord strumming and simulations of electronic filtering and delay effects (drawing on the world of electronic dance music).