Fantasy on themes from "La Traviata" (after Krakamp, Briccialdi and Tarrega) (2013) for flute and guitar

duration: 10'

Commissioned by the Cavatina Duo

First Performance: Evangel University, Springfield, MO 26th Sept., 2013

Recordings: Cavatina Duo "Cavatina at the Opera" (Bridge Records)

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Programme Note

One of the most widely used forms of instrumental music in the 19th-century was the operatic fantasia—a virtuoso piece based on themes from a popular opera. Generally composed by virtuoso performers (with Liszt’s many outstanding fantasias being examples by a great performer and composer), the primary purpose of these salon pieces was to combine well-known tunes from favourite operas with a healthy dose of instrumental “showing off”.

My Fantasy on themes from Verdi’s opera is based on 19th-century fantasias for flute by Emanuele Krakamp and Giulio Briccialdi as well as Francisco Tárrega’s solo guitar version. Many of La Traviata’s most well-known melodies are there, including “Ah, fors’e lui”, “Parigi, o cara”, “Sempre libera” and the famous “drinking song”.

The piece was commissioned by the outstanding Cavatina Duo, and is dedicated to them with great admiration.