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12th May
Adam Svitac plays Alan's "Out of Africa".


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January 2019
New Arie Duo CD

Cuentos de Opera

featuring Alan's piece "Fantasy on Themes from 'Die Fledermaus'", which was commissioned and premiered by the excellent Arie Duo


January 2018
Alan has been appointed Visiting Professor at the Chicago College of Performing Arts

I've been delighted to have the oportunity to join Roosevelt University's Chicago College of Performing Arts Music Conservatory. This semester I'm teaching a class on the History and Literature of the Guitar, ranging from the Vihuelistas to the latest Birtwistle commission and beyond. Great fun, especially since I think I'm learning as much as the students...
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January 2017
Cavatina Duo commission

The Cavatina Duo has commissioned me to turn the 12 Telemann solo flute Fantasias into flute and guitar duos. The duo will be touring the piece as well as recording it for release on Bridge Records in 2018.

November 2016
Arie Duo commission

Following on from my other opera-based pieces, the Germany-based Arie Duo have commissioned me to write a fantasy on Strauss's "Die Fledermaus". The duo plans to record the new piece on their debut CD.

September 2016
A Nice Review of the Cavatina Duo's "Sephardic Journey" CD

"A tone of gravitas is immediately apparent in the Trio Sefardi by frequent Cavatina collaborator Alan Thomas, aided by the addition of cello to the duo. Each of the three movements is based on a Sephardic song. Thomas' music is compositionally sophisticated, but without any sacrifice of power or urgency. The longest movement is the first, free variations on a song of lamentation. The next two movements, while shorter and lighter in tone add to a work which is an important addition to the repertoire." [Al Kunze, Soundboard magazine]

September 2016
New Duo Gross & Lucini CD

The new CD by Duo Gross and Lucini features several of my Balkan Songbook pieces in nice versions for cello and guitar.



March 2016
New Cavatina Duo CD

The Cavatina Duo's new CD offers five different composer's newly commissioned takes on traditional Sephardic melodies, including my Trio Sefardi. I'm really excited about this new project, and honoured to have been involved alongside such illustrious names as David Leisner, Clarice Assad and Carlos Rafael Rivera.

March 2015
New Cavatina Duo CD

The new Cavatina Duo CD features four of my pieces and arrangements played by the world's preeminent flute and guitar duo.

December 2014
New scores for sale

Check my shop page for new scores for sale, including recent opera fantasy pieces for flute and guitar.

November 2014
Alfie Boe's "Serenata"

I played the guitar and mandolin parts for eleven tracks on Alfie Boe's new album "Serenata ", which has just been released on Decca. There are some great Italian tunes on it, ranging from romantic opera arias to "Volare", and really is a great sounding record!

September 2014
New Commissions

I've been commissioned by the Cavatina Duo to write a new work for their Sephardic music-based project. My piece is a 20-minute Trio for flute, guitar and cello, and will be recorded along with other new commissions for the duo plus string soloist/quartet by Clarice Assad, Carlos Rafael Rivera and David Leisner.

Other recent commissions include a series of pieces written for the Asylum Saxophone Quartet. The new work, Homages for saxophone quartet consists of four movements, and has been toured extensively by the quartet and will be recorded for CD release in 2015.


December 2013
Azabagic records "Out of Africa"

Denis Azabagic has recorded my suite "Out of Africa" for his new CD "Out of Africa and Around the World", released on Cedille Records. I'm delighted to be featured alongside such fantastic composers as Dusan Bogdanovic, Carlos Rafael Rivera and Vojislav Ivanovic!

September 2013
New CD Review

My new CD with harpist Eleanor Turner, Elusive Symmetry, has just received a nice review in Classical Guitar magazine:

"The music on this fascinating new CD was inspired by some of M.C. Escher's pictures and bearing in mind the quirkiness of Escher's material, the Turner/Thomas harp and guitar duo have been very successful in their attempt to capture in music what he put down on canvas....The music itself is most alluring, appealing and interesting and it is this last quality which raises the attractiveness of this disc from many others I have recently come across. Some of the compositions are quite surreal and impressionistic while others are just simply, beautiful."

My compositions on the album combine elements of minimalism, avant-something or other and electronica. For more info check it out here!


elusive symmetry cover image

The Curl-up featured

A recent piece of mine, The Curl-up for prepared harp and computer, has been chosen as a featured piece at the 2013 USA International Harp Competition and Festival in Bloomington, Indiana.To the right is a little video about M.C. Escher's cute little creature that serves as an intro to the harp piece.


June 2013
Flute and Guitar...

My Concerto for Flute and Guitar was given its Turkish premiere last month by guitarist Ceren Baran and flautist Cem Onerturk. Since its premiere at the Guitar Art festival in Serbia in February 2010, the concerto has also been performed in the USA, Bosnia, India, Mexico and Peru.

In further flute and guitar news, I have been commissioned by the Cavatina Duo to arrange and compose four pieces for their new CD based around music from the opera. Stay tuned for more details!

I've also recently added some new movements to the Balkan Songbook collection. Check them out here.


September 2011
An amazing experience...

The final night of the Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow (Poland) found me playing Steve Reich's "Electric Counterpoint" with live remixing by Aphex Twin (one of my musical heroes). It was very cool, very bizarre, and sadly I have a feeling that playing for 5000 people in a giant steel factory filled with lasers (and Steve Reich on his 75th birthday) is an experience that for me is unlikely to be repeated...

  poland festival photo
(No, seriously, I really am the little 
speck to the right of Aphex Twin)